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Getting Started

When you enrol on one of our CILEx Level 3 or Level 6 courses you are invited to attend an induction day. This is designed to ensure that you use all your course resources to best effect and that you maximise the learning potential from your study time.

Level 3 Induction Day

The induction day is a full day's face-to-face tuition. Here you will be introduced to note-taking techniques and shown how to apply knowledge to a legal problem. You will also learn how to make the most of all the support that is available to you, and be shown how to use the resources on the web-based Student Area.

Level 6 Induction Day

If you are new to studying at this Level, or new to studying with CILEx Law School, we would strongly recommend that you book a place on teh Induction Day. Even if you have already studied with us at Level 3 you will find this session of great value.  Tuition focuses on advanced study techniques. You will be taught how to assimilate and apply knowledge at this academic level, which is equivalent to the final year of an honours degree.

Non-CILEx courses

Please see the web page for your selected course to find out what induction support is available.


The induction days are offered as part of your application to enrol on your CILEx Level 3 or Level 6 course. If you have not elected to attend the induction day when you made your course application, you can still do so after enrolment by using the relevant form in the Course Admin section of the Student Area or by calling our Customer Service Team on 01234 844300.





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