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“CILEx Law School staff are efficient, friendly and sympathetic.”

CILEx Law School Student Survey


Distance learning testimonials

Our distance learning CILEx courses offer printed and online materials, tutor support and face-to-face sessions. We have put together some comments received from students about the benefits of studying their CILEx courses by distance learning.

"My tutor gives comprehensive and useful feedback"

Laura Ward CILEx Law School studentStudying with CILEx Law School is brilliant, I can study in my own time and I can use the forum or pick up the phone if I need any help or advice. My tutor gives comprehensive and useful feedback so I can take this on board and improve my ability to answer the questions. I attended the Legal research skills morning and it’s great that you offer the skills and revision days.

Laura Ward


Sammy Halil CILEx Law School student"The Law School are incredibly helpful and supportive"

My experience of CILEx Law School has been fantastic and I highly recommend this route (long distance study with the Law school)! The Law School are incredibly helpful and supportive, and are much more in tune with the expectations and specifications of the CILEx qualifications than other course providers in my experience.

Sammy Halil


"The help, support and assistance are there if you want it, you just have to ask"

Dana Ewans CILEx Law School studentI have worked full time throughout my studies and I also have a competition horse that needs to be schooled and exercised regularly. Distance learning was idea for me because I was determined that I would not have to give up the things I loved in order to gain my qualifications which meant often studying on the way to competitions or riding very late on an evening after I had put the necessary hours in to my revision. My previous role also involved a great deal of court work which took me across the country and I had to be very disciplined in taking my manuals with me to read on the train as I knew that I would be far too tired to pick them up when I got home. Distance learning allows you to do your studying where and when you can and is so much more flexible if you have a busy life. ”

I found the Law School had a good balance of support when you need it without bombarding you with information all the time. I would say that all the help, support and assistance is there if you want it, you just have to ask.

Dana Ewans


"The revision sessions were excellent"

Adrian Schwab CILEx Law School student

Studying by disance learning allowed me to work full time and complete my studies; I did attend the pre-exam day sessions, which were excellent. These were focused in preparing for the exams, you may know the subject matter – but you need to know what it is examiners are looking for, basically how to pass the exam. The tutors were practising lawyers and had a wealth of experience to share; I strongly recommend that students always take the time to attend these sessions.

Adrian Schwab


"The freedom to study in your own time and continue with home life"

 Rachel Mynott CILEx Law School studentSo far I have attended the induction day with CILEx which was extremely helpful. The day was very well run and focused on everything that I needed to know about how to study with CILEx and to do well in the exams. I have started studying for my first module and am finding the study packs and online resources work very well together. I feel confident that I will be able to work through the study pack and pass the exam with little stress.

The CILEx route has allowed me to work towards my goal of becoming a lawyer despite my current financial situation and juggling a new born baby! It has given me the freedom to study in my own time and continue with my home life with the exciting prospect of finding the perfect job when the time comes.

Rachel Mynott 

Hayley Browne CILEx Law School student"If I need help I can just drop an email or make a call"

 I really enjoy the courses with CILEx Law School. I have the freedom to pick up my books when it’s convenient for me to do so and yet if I need help I can just drop them an e-mail or make a call. I especially enjoy the revision days offered just before each exam sitting, as the one to one tuition is an excellent way to discuss problem areas that I can’t get my head around.  

Hayley Browne


"I now know how to plan my studies and that there wil be support available when I need it"

Lucy Wilson CILEx Law School student

I was a bit worried about the step up from Level 3 to Level 6 so I went along to the Level 6 induction in Bristol. The lady there was Rosemary, she was absolutely fantastic. I just wanted to say that she gave incredibly good advice to all of us, based on her own experiences, which was totally invaluable and not something you can just find out in a book. I was feeling a bit daunted but safe to say that Rosemary really inspired me. I now know how to plan my studies and that there will be support available when I need it. Now I’m relishing the challenge.

Lucy Wilson