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Progression from the Advanced Apprenticeship

An employee who has achieved an Advanced Apprenticeship is well on the way to fulfilling the requirements for the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice, which is the first stage of training to become a Chartered Legal Executive. A Chartered Legal Executive is a qualified lawyer who has a professional status achieved by becoming a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).

The Technical Certificate that forms part of the Advanced Apprenticeship contains four of the ten CILEx Level 3 units needed to achieve the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice.

What additional units are required for the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma?

The CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice is made up of ten CILEx Level 3 units. Assuming four units have been achieved within the Knowledge Certificate of the Apprenticeship, a further six units are needed.  All units are listed in the table below. The selection of the units to top up to the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma must meet the overall rules of combination for the Diploma. These are:

There are seven mandatory units (Units 12,3,4,5,16,17 in the table below) which must be included in the total of ten. The remaining three units can be either:

  • two practice units from Units 9-15, 18-19 and one law unit from Units 6-8, or
  • three practice units. Practice units must all relate to law units studied as part of the Diploma. For example, The Practice of Employment Law could not be selected without Employment Law.

The status of each of the units is shown in the right hand column of the table, and this information can be used to identify the mandatory units still to be studied and what further units can be selected to achieve the Professional Diploma within the rules of combination.

Unit number Unit name Type of unit Rules relating to the selection of units
Unit 1 Introduction to Law and Practice Introductory Units 1-5 are mandatory.
Unit 2 Contract Law Law
Unit 3 Criminal Law  Law
Unit 4 Land Law  Law
Unit 5 Law of Tort  Law
Unit 6 Employment Law  Law Units 6-8 are non-mandatory law units. One of these can be selected instead of a third practice unit.
Unit 7 Family Law  Law
Unit 8 Law of Wills and Succession  Law
Unit 9 Civil Litigation  Practice A minimum of two practice units, and a third practice unit can be selected instead of a non-mandatory law unit. Each practice unit selected must link to a law unit that is also being studied. If only two practice units are selected, they cannot both link to the same law unit.
Unit 10 Conveyancing  Practice
Unit 11 Criminal Litigation  Practice
Unit 12

The Practice of Family  Law 

Unit 13 The Practice of Employment Law  Practice
Unit 14 Probate Practice  Practice
Unit 15 The Practice of Law for the Elderly Client  Practice
Unit 18 The Practice of Child Care Law Practice 
Unit 19 Residential and Commercial Leasehold Conveyancing Practice
Unit 16 Client Care Skills Professional Skills Units 16 and 17 are mandatory
Unit 17 Legal Research Skills  Professional Skills

We have a detailed information sheet showing recommended top-up units for each of the Apprenticeship pathways, which takes account of the choices that are available within the Apprenticeship Certificates themselves. Please call us on 01234 844307 to request this information, and for personal advice tailored to individual circumstances.


Exemptions are available from Unit 1 Introduction to Law and Practice if the apprentice already has an A Level in Law.

Course information

Information is given in the links below on how we deliver these courses when they are not delivered as part of an apprenticeship.

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How do I start the process?

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