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The Solicitor Apprenticeship

  • A six-year programme while employed leading to qualification as a solicitor
  • Recruit now for apprenticeships starting in September 2018
  • Blended learning with one day/month tuition at the City Law School in Gray's Inn
  • Government contribution to costs subject to funding rules, age of apprentice and size of employer organisation
  • Final assessment is the SRA’s solicitors’ qualifying exams
  •  Apprentices will be assessed in two different areas of law
  • A full day’s study leave required per week
  • Entry requirements - recommended minimum 3 Bs at A Level

 A detailed breakdown of the programme for each of the six years is available on request.

Why City University London and CILEx Law School?

The degree incorporated within the apprenticeship will be awarded by City University London and the course will be delivered in partnership between CILEx Law School and the City Law School. The City Law School, incorporating the former Inns of Court School of Law, was the first University Law School in London to educate students and practitioners at every stage of legal education. Founded in 1894, the University is one of the top 10 Universities in the UK for graduate employment. It aims to develop the professional, dynamic, highly motivated, and "practice-ready" lawyers of the future.

Candidate selection

This apprenticeship is suitable for:

  • Bright school leavers with a minimum of three Bs at A Level who have the maturity to study law and possess good written English,and have the attributes to be considered worthy of long-term investment at the point of recruitment.
  • Paralegals or other current employees who have been identified as having the potential for development.
  • Those who have already completed an Advanced Apprenticeship in Legal Services in your organisation.

Entry requirements:

  • 5 GCSE grades A* to C or equivalent are essential, specifically Maths and English.
  • 3 A Levels grade B or above.

Costs and fundingEuropean Union Social Fund

You will pay a salary to the apprentice. The funding rate payable for the delivery of this apprenticeship has been set by the government at £27,000. If you are a levy payer this proportion of the total fees can be allocated from your levy. If you are not a levy payer then the government will pay 90% of this amount and you will pay the remaining 10% plus any additional fees charged above the £27,000. Incentive payments of £1,000 are payable if you recruit an under 19 year old. For further information on funding please contact Jenny Pelling on 01234 844326. 


The Government has published a standard for this apprenticeship which specifies the outcomes that the apprentices must achieve
by the end of the programme in the areas of:

  • Technical Legal Practice
  • Ethics, professionalism and judgement
  • Working with other people
  • Managing themselves and their own work.

Apprentices will learn law and legal practice alongside gaining competence in legal skills, commercial skills and professional. A detailed breakdown of the programme for each of the six years is available on request.


The knowledge units are delivered in the context of the LLB in Legal Practice programme which is run in partnership between City Law
School and CILEx Law School.

  • An induction at the beginning of the programme provides an overview of subjects to be studied, how to combine working as an apprentice with part-time distance learning, study skills required for higher education.
  • Knowledge is delivered by blended learning with access to online resources through Moodle, City’s virtual learning environment.
  • Monthly consolidation study days with tutors who are current practitioners and leading researchers.
  • Support provided throughout the course from subject and personal tutor support.
  • Visits by an assessor from City Law School to the workplace.


Apart from exams taken towards the LLB in Legal Practice, there are the following final assessments set by the SRA. These are currently
described by the SRA, but not confirmed, as:

Part 1 – SQE1

  • Functioning Legal Knowledge Tests conducted by an independent assessment organisation(s). Assessment will take place in timed conditions in assessment centres, away from the workplace.
  • Work-based assessment against Apprentice standard and Competence statement to be assessed and certified by City Law School and the employer.

Both assessments must be successfully completed before the Apprentice can take Part 2.

Part 2 – SQE2

A Standardised Practical Legal Examination conducted by an independent assessment organisation(s). Assessment will take place
in timed conditions in assessment centres, away from the workplace. This assessment must be taken within the last six months of the
Apprenticeship and are due to include:

  • Role plays and on-line case studies and tasks.
  • Skills assessed in different practice contexts.
  • Unflagged ethical issues throughout.

Note: The SRA is consulting on the end-point assessment, so the above information on assessment may change depending on the outcome.

How do I start the process?


If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact Jenny Pelling, our Director of Business and Apprenticeships, on 01234 844326 or email


If you are interested in applying for an apprenticeship, please visit our vacancies page or contact