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Courses for CILEx Level 3 law and practice units

The CILEx Level 3 courses for law and practice units are delivered by supported distance learning. They will prepare you for exams set by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). The CILEx Level 3 law and practice units are relevant for:

Course fees are available via the link at the foot of this page. Units can be purchased individually or in packages at a discounted prices.

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If you are already familiar with the CILEx qualifications and how they are delivered please visit the following page to apply:

Course content

All courses are written to deliver the CILEx syllabus for each unit, and are re-published annually to ensure the content is up to date. The table of contents for each of our Level 3 course manuals is available on the page titled 'Course manuals for CILEx exams'.

Course design

The courses are delivered by supported distance learning, and you can enrol on any course at any time of year. Each course is valid for fifteen months and you need to complete all the course study exercises within this period. There are no fixed enrolment dates. Each unit will typically take 70 hours to complete including studying and revision. You can decide how you will allocate that time according to your other commitments.There will be at least two exam sessions within the period of duration of your course, and you can select which you wish to aim for. 

Your personalised on-line study zone within our Student Area will give you access to many interactive resources to support and underpin your learning as you go along. Every course includes an on-line administration section, course materials, access to a course Forum and a leading on-line legal research database. Additional on-line course features for specific unit types are described in the course resources section below. We encourage you to make good use of all the resources and support available to ensure that you progress through the course and maximise your chances of exam success. All students are required to have access to the internet and a personal email address. A computer specification is given here.

Academic and administrative support

As soon as you enrol on your course you will be invited to attend a welcome webinar. This provides you with the opportunity to make contact with a member of our Academic Team, and to establish an understanding of the structure of our course provision and how we at CLS can support you throughout your studies. These act as an excellent precursor to attending an induction day. Most students choose to attend an induction day, and the upcoming dates are shown in the link at the foot of the page. The induction day is a great opportunity to meet other students face-to-face, as well as a representative from our Academic Team. You will be introduced to the course and learn how to approach legal study, including note-taking and answering questions. This is included in the Unit 1 course fee, and can be purchased for a fee if the first Level 3 course that you are studying with us is not Unit 1. As you get closer to your exams you will be invited to attend a face-to-face revision session for your law or legal practice units.

On-course support is available from our Academic Team by telephone during office hours, and our designated tutors on the course forums are on hand to help you with course queries. You will be part of a ‘learning community’, so you will never feel isolated or that you are on your own.

Course resources

Our course materials vary according to the type of unit being studied to reflect the different nature of the course content. All resources are designed to help you gain the knowledge you require in the most effective way.

Course Manual Written to deliver the CILEx syllabus for each unit. It is republished annually each summer and complemented by a spring update in the following year to ensure that your knowledge is current for the summer exam session. The course manual is in paper format and will be sent out with accompanying materials upon enrolment.
Student Area This is a personalised virtual learning environment through which you will access your tutor-monitored course forum and the other course resources outlined below. You will be sent login details upon enrolment.
Student Handbook This explains how your course works and how to get the most from your studies. It is the starting point on the Student Area for the study of each course.
Mini lectures These webcasts give you an introduction to important, or tricky, topics that are covered in your course manual and are an excellent aid to comprehension.
Multiple Choice Questions The Unit 1 exam takes the form of a multiple choice test, so we offer practice multiple choice questions (MCQs) and a MCQ mock exam via the Student Area to prepare you for the Unit 1 exam. MCQs are also offered via the Student Area for law and practice units for self-testing of knowledge.
The two study exercises each contain a number of questions which are designed to ensure that you learn to apply the law and practice knowledge  that you gain through reading the course manual. The study exercise questions are structured to help you understand the syllabus content and are marked by your personal tutor. These are an excellent preparation for answering questions in the exam. These are accessed on the online Student Area.
Course Summary A summary of the course syllabus which is an invaluable revision aid. It is made available via the Student Area.
Revision Materials These are specially written and are available via the Student Area in advance of law and practice revision sessions. They take the form of exam-type revision questions which are worked through during the revision session, and the corresponding answers so that you can check your understanding. For practice units, the revision session focuses on case study materials pre-released by CILEx in advance of the exam.
Mock Exam The law and practice unit courses include a mock exam which your personal tutor will mark. Suggested solutions to the mock exam are also available on the Student Area.
Legal Research
A leading on-line legal database for you to look up case law and statutes.

Membership of CILEx

You must register as a member with the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx), and pay the annual membership fee, to be eligible to enter the exam. The amount payable depends on the relevant membership level. Please contact CILEx on 01234 841000 and ask for the Membership Department.


Each CILEx Level 3 law and practice unit is examined by an unseen exam. An exam fee is payable for each exam you enter. Key dates and current exam fees are available here. Administrative arrangements are explained in your Unit Guide. 

Student testimonials

Students who enrol with us for the first time are often very positively surprised by the breadth of resources and support. They also appreciate the flexibility of studying by distance learning and the ability to access online course materials wherever and whenever it suits them. Read some of our student testimonials on the benefits of studying CILEx courses with CILEx Law School.

Application and fees


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Apply for your Level 3 courses now through our online shop or print off and submit the application form at the foot of this page. For further information call us on 01234 844300. Our office hours are 8.45am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4pm on Friday.

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