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Revision resources for CILEx Level 6 exams

We recommend that all Level 6 law and practice students attend an intensive Revision Course, described more fully below. We also offer a Course Summary for each Level 6 law and practice unit. This is an essential revision aid, so if you can't attend a Revision Course then we strongly recommend that you order a Course Summary. If you are studying with CILEx Law School these are included as part of your distance learning course, subject to an administrative fee. Both items are available to non-CILEx Law School students using the application form at the bottom of the page.

What is the Course Summary?

The Course Summary is an invaluable revision aid which is written with reference to the corresponding CILEx Law School Course Manual. The Course Summary focuses on the areas which are important for exam success and on topics that you are likely to find the most difficult to learn and understand. If you enrol on a Revision Course then the Course Summary will form part of your Revision Materials.

What form does the Revision Course take?

Revision courses will be held in London, and Salford Manchester, in advance of the exams. The courses are included in CILEx Law School's Level 6 courses, but are also open to non-CILEx Law School students. 

The cost of the Revision Resources for each subject includes the Revision Day and the Course Summary.  We strongly recommend that you attend an CILEx Law School Revision Day. However the Course Summary can be purchased separately.

CILEx Law School one-day revision courses include:

  • Revision Questions which are available electronically in advance of the course
  • four ninety-minute seminars led by experienced revision tutors
  • the opportunity to raise points with a revision tutor to help with your understanding of difficult topics
  • answers to the Revision Questions
  • the relevant Course Summary


Winter 2018 Revision Booking Form

You can also purchase the revision courses and revision guides via our online shop.

Note: If you are studying with CILEx Law School these are included as part of your distance learning course, subject to an administrative fee.

Apply Now

 If you are not enrolled as a student with CILEx Law School and you wish to take advantage of our Level 6 revision support apply online or print off and submit the application form at the foot of this page. For further information call us on 01234 844300.

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