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University of London International Programmes LLB 

CILEx Law School provides distance learning courses for the University of London's International Programmes LLB. The courses are designed to prepare you for the university exams. If you are looking for a distance learning law degree from a prestigious university then this is the ideal choice. The University of London International Programmes LLB attracts students from all over the world who are keen to enrol on a degree which is internationally recognised as the 'gold standard'. 

CILEx Law School has been delivering these courses for over twenty-five years.

We welcome enrolments for any student registered, or intending to register, with the University of London for the 2017/18 academic year.

What is the University of London International Programmes LLB?

A University of London degree awarded to a student who studies through the University of London International Programmes is of the same standard as a University of London degree awarded to students who study on a University of London campus. Although your study experience will be different, the University makes no distinction in the standard of the award that International Programmes students gain.

CILEx Law School's courses supplement the resources provided by the University for its International Programmes students, and provide a structured course of study to prepare you for the exams. This is an ideal way of achieving a prestigious degree without bearing the accommodation and tuition fee costs normally associated with studying for a degree from the University of London.

How much will it cost?

You pay an application fee of £88 to the University, and, if accepted, a registration fee of £450. Your degree comprises twelve subjects, or nine if you already hold a degree in another discipline.  We recommend that you enrol on three or four subjects each year. The cost of three CILEx Law School courses for the 2017/18 academic year is £1,595, or £2,110 for four courses. An instalment payment option is available as shown on the application form at the foot of this page.

Module and exam fees are also payable to the University of London of £140 and £170 respectively (£930 for three modules  or £1,240 for four papers at 2017/18 rates. You will also need to buy some textbooks at a cost of approx £200-300, so the total cost for the first year at 2017 prices is in the region of £3,300 for three subjects, or £4,100 for four. You should allow a similar amount for each of the three/four years that you will study, except that the application fee is a one-off fee. Course fees and University of London fees will be subject to a small increase, but you can budget on the total degree costs being in the region of £13,000 - £14,000.

The great benefit of studying your degree by distance learning is that you save on accommodation and living costs while you study.


The undergraduate programme comprises twelve subjects to be studied between three to six years. The postgraduate programme, for those who already hold a degree in another discipline, requires completion of nine subjects over a minimum of two and maximum of six years.

If you wish to use your degree as a qualifying law degree to satisfy the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) then it is essential that you ensure, prior to enrolment, that you receive their confirmation that the degree will meet their requirements. The SRA  ( can be contacted at 0370 606 2555 or . Further information on using this degree as a qualifying law degree in England and Wales can be found here

CILEx Law School offers courses in the subjects listed below. A table of contents (TOC) and pages from a sample chapter (SAMPLE) are available in PDF form for each title. These are taken from the 2015/16 editions, just as an example.

Compulsory subjects:

Common Law Reasoning and Institutions (2015) TOC Sample
Criminal Law (2015) TOC Sample
Elements of the Law of Contract (2015) TOC Sample
Land Law (2015) TOC Sample
Law of Tort (2015) TOC Sample
Law of Trusts (2015) TOC Sample
Public Law (2015) TOC Sample


Elective subject:

EU Law (2015) TOC Sample


Course structure

CILEx Law School's distance learning courses are valid for twelve months from the date of enrolment and offer a full range of up-to-date course materials, tuition by subject specialists and valuable online support. The features of our courses are described more fully below.

Course manuals

The CILEx Law School course manual forms the main part of the course materials for each subject. It is comprehensive, high quality and up-to-date, and provides a thorough coverage of the course syllabus, discussing most topics in more depth than the University of London Study Guides.

A key feature of our course manuals is that they are all re-published in the summer of each year, to take account of legislative changes and developments in case law.

Study exercises

You will be sent five study exercises with your course materials, and these form an essential part of your CILEx Law School distance learning course. They are designed to help you to work through the course manual and understand the concepts. Each exercise consists of a number of exam-type questions and should be no more than 2,500 words. Through answering the set questions you will apply the knowledge you have gained through your reading, and test your understanding of the concepts.

CILEx Law School's approach to setting study exercises has been developed over 25 years of distance learning tuition, and the opportunity to work on the study exercises and obtain feedback from a specialist tutor is a fundamental part of our distance learning courses.

The mock exam

The course materials for each course include a mock exam for you to prepare in your own time against the clock and submit to your tutor for marking. As well as the tutor's feedback  a model suggested solution covering all the questions in the paper will be posted on the Student Area.

Your personal tutor

When you enrol we provide you with the details of your distance learning tutor. Your tutor on each course will be a subject specialist and a qualified lawyer or legal academic.

You will send your study exercises and your mock exam to your tutor by post or email as you complete them. There is no set timetable. Your tutor will give you a mark for each question, and an overall percentage mark for the exercise, so that you can gauge your progress. Written feedback will also be given to help you to identify those subjects where you need to improve your understanding and interpretation of the material. This feedback provides invaluable assistance in preparing for your exam, not only by helping you to understand the topics, but also by showing you how to maximise the marks you achieve in your written answers.

All tutors undertake to mark and return your study exercises and mock exam within a maximum of 21 days, but these are usually returned in a shorter period.

Duration of tuition

You can enrol at any time of year and you study entirely at your own pace, submitting your completed study exercises when you are ready. If, for example, you had embarked on a course of self-study for the University's exams and decided part-way through the year that you needed tuition support, you could enrol with us at that time, and submit all your exercises in quick succession.

Your tutor will be available to mark your work and give feedback on your progress for a period of fifteen months from the date of enrolment. 

Help and support

In addition to the distance learning element of the course, we offer access to the on-line Student Area on our website. You will receive logging-on instructions for the student area in your study guide, and you may want to start by looking at the online induction materials which will help you to make the most of the time you spend studying.

If you need help in understanding a point in your course manual, or in tackling a question in one of the study exercises, you can post a message to our online tutors on the electronic message board. We will give an initial response to all questions on the message board within two working days.

You can also exchange news and views with other students on the 'chat' board on the site. Additional facilities include access to the Lexis Nexis legal database, where you can look up case reports and statutes.

Our teams of administrative and academic staff are also available by telephone or email during office hours to answer your queries as they arise.


The University of London may grant exemptions to students who have already passed CILEx exams in relevant subjects. There are time limits and other conditions which apply, and an exemption application fee is payable. Further information is provided in the University's international programme prospectus.


If you wish to study for the LLB please contact the University of London first to register with them for the Bachelor of Laws and to make sure that you are aware of their entrance requirements. Full details are available from:

University of London International Programmes, Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DN, UK.

To apply for CILEx Law School distance learning courses print off and complete the CILEx Law School course enrolment application form for LLB students below, and submit by post or fax. Enrolment applications can also be made by telephone on 01234 844300. For further information or to discuss your application, please contact Ruby Denton on 01234 844310.

Download application: LLB application form 2017-18
Course information leaflet 2017-18

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To apply for courses now for the June 2016 exams call Ruby Denton on 01234 844310 or email