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Courses for Prosecutorial Authorities

As well as providing training for the legal profession, CILEx Law School specialises in providing legal training courses for public sector organisations who employ non-lawyers to undertake legal work., and particularly for prosecutorial authorities. Our clients currently include the Crown Prosecution Service, for whom we offer the well-established Certificate in Criminal Prosecution for Level B casework officers, as well as the new Introduction to Criminal Prosecution for Level A caseworkers.

For police staff we offer a Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration course for those involved in file preparation within police forces, as well as the  CILEx Law School Specialist Course in Disclosure.

Other projects have included work with the former Immigration and Nationality Directorate, who used us to train their staff in immigration law.

Course content

We tailor courses to meet the needs of individual clients, so that training is pitched at the correct level and your organisation pays only for the course you require, not for a standard syllabus where some of the content may be irrelevant.

Introductory-level courses may be suitable for caseworkers, while higher-level courses can release the potential of supervisory staff and managers to deal with complicated issues and referrals. Where relevant, courses can be mapped against the National Occupational Standards for caseworkers.

Course design

We will work with you to find out what mode of delivery is best for a project: some clients are interested in distance learning, others in face-to-face tuition. Courses can be supported by face-to-face and on-line teaching via webinars. What works best depends upon the required outcome, the number and location of staff, the budget available and the nature of what is to be taught.


The type of assessment will depend entirely on your requirements. We have experience in testing knowledge and understanding through our on-line e-assessment software, through essay-style assignments, or a mix of both methods. It is also possible to have qualifications accredited or awarded by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, subject to fulfilling its quality assurance requirements.

Our credentials

We have a highly qualified and professional Senior Management Group and Academic Development Group. For further information on the team who will be servicing your contract please view our senior managers' profiles.

If you would like to discuss your organisation’s training needs with us, please contact our Managing Director, Noel Inge, on 01234 844325 or

Employer testimonial

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