Legal Practice Course by Open Learning

Application invalid without supporting documents. Please read the guidance notes before completing the form.

You will need to post your references to us as soon as possible after completing this form.

1. Programme of Study: Legal Practice Course by Open Learning

* Start Date - September

2 Applicant's Details

* Surname * Title
* First Name(s)  Other Title
* Gender   * D.O.B / /
* Home Address Address for Correspondence (if different from Home)
* Telephone
* Email
* Nationality
* Country of Birth
* Country of Permanent Residence
Applicants not born in the United Kingdom please state date of last entry to the UK / /
3. Exemptions
Are you claiming exemptions (please refer to the LPC web page for further information)?
Please list the subjects you are applying to be exempt from:
4. Fees/Sponsorship
* Who is expected to pay the fees (Tick as appropriate)
 Name and address to which fee invoice should be sent (if other than applicant)
5. Education
* School since the age of 11
Schools Attended - Date Started - Date Finished - Examinations Taken - Qualifications Obtained - Grade - Date
* Education since leaving school
Schools Attended - Date Started - Date Finished - Examinations Taken - Qualifications Obtained - Grade - Date
6. Employment Experience
If you are currently in employment, please complete this section. If you are currently studying and/or have no work experience, please move on to section 7
Present position Date of appointment
Workplace address Name and address of employing body (if different from Workplace)
Telephone Telephone
Details of previous posts held including start and finish dates
7. References
Two references are required and these must be sent under separate cover to CILEx Law School. Please see guidance notes for further assistance
First Referee Second Referee
* Name * Name
* Position * Position
* Address * Address
* Telephone * Telephone
* Email * Email
8. Supporting Statement
Give a statement of your reasons for wishing to undertake this programme and any other details you feel may be relevant to your application. Indicate your main areas of interest.
9. Disability
* Please select from the list below the statement which is most appropriate to you
* Does your disability mean that you have additional support needs?
If you would like to give further details of required support needs then please do so below.
10. Planning Statistics
Ethnic origin (this information WILL NOT be made available to Admissions Tutors for selection purposes). Complete this section only if you have shown in Section 2 of the form that your area of permanent residence is in the UK. Please choose from the ethnic origin terms below which you feel most nearly describes your ethnic origin.
White Black or Black British Asian or Asian British Mixed Other

11. Market Research
In order to assist us to market our courses more effectively, could you please specify how you came to hear of our course?

12. Criminal Convictions
*You must declare if you have a relevant criminal conviction, including violence against the person or drug dealing. If you tick the 'Yes' box, the University may ask you for further details.
  If yes, please give details below.
Please note that if you are convicted of a criminal offence while your application is being processed, you should notify the University.
13. Declaration
* By submitting this form I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the information I have given above is correct in every detail. If enrolled, I agree to abide by the Regulations in force at the time.
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