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“CILEx Law School staff are efficient, friendly and sympathetic.”

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CILEx Law School going stronger than ever at 35 23/07/2018

Think back, if you can, to the hot and thundery summer of 1983…. Full story

CILEx Law School: advisory role on legal apprenticeships 19/07/2018

Legal apprenticeships were introduced in 2013, and CILEx Law School has been at the forefront of raising awareness about them and making them accessible to all since then. Full story

Kathryn gets down to business with Institute for Apprenticeships’ Apprentice Panel 05/07/2018

CILEx Law School’s Apprenticeship Recruitment Manager Kathryn Jack was left inspired after taking part in her first meeting of the Institute for Apprenticeships’ Apprentice Panel. Full story

CLS Managing Director takes part in roundtable event on emotional competency in the legal profession 23/05/2018

Everyone coming into the legal profession needs to have access to resources to help develop their emotional competency; not just university law students. Full story

CLS's Kathryn Jack wins place on national apprenticeship advisory panel 16/05/2018

CILEx Law School’s Apprenticeship Recruitment Manager Kathryn Jack has been selected to join the Institute for Apprenticeship’s Apprentice Panel. Full story

Anxious about your exams? Here are some tips to handle stress 14/05/2018

This week, 14-18 May 2018, is Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme is stress. Full story