>CILEx Level 3 Unit 14 Probate Practice
CILEx Level 3 Unit 14 Probate Practice

CILEx Level 3 Unit 14 Probate Practice (2018-19)

This course will deliver detailed knowledge and the skills to put your knowledge of the law of wills and succession into practice, and in particular learn how to draft wills and administer estates on death. It is written to deliver the CILEx syllabus, and is re-published annually to ensure the content is up to date.

The course is available to enrol on individually, if you wish to take your studies one step at a time, but it also forms part of a number of our package options, so make sure you look at these before enrolling.

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Who is the course for?

This course is relevant for:

  • anyone looking to select this unit as part of the CILEx Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice (Probate Practice) qualification. It is also an optional unit of the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice.
  • if you are an unqualified member of staff or paralegal working in the probate department of a law firm or a will-writing organisation this is an ideal training course
  • if you work in the probate department of a law firm you will be able to draft and execute wills and administer uncomplicated estates under supervision
  • if you are a member of the public and you wish to know more about how to administer a straightforward estate and to apply for a grant of probate.

We recommend that you should also study CILEx Level 3 Unit 1 Introduction to Law and Practice and CILEx Level 3 Unit 8 Law of Wills and Succession if you are new to the study of law.

At a glance

  • Enrol anytime

  • Course valid for 15 months

  • Delivered by supported distance learning

  • Based on the CILEx unit syllabus

  • Assessed by multiple choice question exam

  • Includes an induction to studying CILEx courses at Level 3

  • Includes the course manual and an induction to studying CILEx courses at Level 3

  • Benefit from our experience and expertise

What is the course content?

The content of the course is designed to deliver knowledge of the CILEx syllabus. A key element of the course materials is the printed course manual which accompanies the online course materials (see How our CILEx course work).

Tables of contents and sample pages from the most recent edition of this manual are available below. These are updated as the new editions become available.

Essential course information

In addition to the overview below, you can find further information on the How our CILEx courses work page.

This courses is delivered by supported distance learning, with on-line, face-to-face and telephone support. There are no fixed enrolment dates so you can enrol at any time of year. The course is valid for fifteen months and you need to complete all the course study exercises and mock assignment within this period.

This unit will typically take 70 hours to complete including studying and revision. You can decide how you will allocate that time according to your other commitments. There will be at least two exam sessions (January and June each year) within the period of duration of your course, and you can select which you wish to aim for.

This course is set at A Level standard.

For further information on the course resources please visit the How our CILEx courses work page.

The method of assessment for this unit is a practical exam (1½ hours’ duration) set by CILEx, held in January and June each year, based on pre-released case study materials issued by CILEx prior to each exam session.

Please see the CILEx information section below for information on exam key dates and deadlines.

There are no formal entry requirements for the CILEx Level 3 qualifications. However, as the qualifications are at Level 3, CILEx does recommend that students have a minimum of four GCSEs at grades C or above (including English Language or Literature) or equivalent qualifications.

If you have no formal qualifications, and no experience of legal work, you might consider the CILEx Level 2 Certificate in Legal Studies as an alternative.

Exemptions are available from some units if you already have an A level, or certain other law qualifications. Before enrolling on any course with us, please contact CILEx to check that you don’t already have exemptions from the related CILEx unit and to confirm any exemption you wish to claim.

Please note that in addition to the course fees, you will also incur additional costs:

  • It is necessary to become a member of CILEx in order to sit a CILEx exam or assessment, so you will incur both membership and exam fees. Please see the ‘CILEx membership’ section below.
  • Our practice courses include face-to-face revision sessions or webinars. We charge a £10 administration fee at the time of booking.
  • Travel costs to attend face-to-face teaching sessions
  • Travel costs to attend the exams set by CILEx.

CILEx information

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) is the CILEx membership body. You will deal with CILEx in matters relating to exams registration, locations and fees, as well as those relating to your CILEx membership.

Below you will find information on fees relating to membership and exams, as well as exam key dates and deadlines set by CILEx.

You will need to become a member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) in order to sit CILEx exams or assessments. The grade of member depends on your current status:

  • If you are enrolling on your first CILEx Level 3 course: you will join as a Student Member
  • Once you successfully pass your first CILEx Level 3 exam: you attain Affiliate Membership
  • Upon completion of the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice: you progress to Associate Member status and are entitled to use the ACILEx designatory letters

You must register as a member with the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx), and pay the annual membership fee, to be eligible to enter the exam.

Membership and exam details are available on the CILEx website and they can be contacted on 01234 841000.

Key information on fees is provided below, and is given for guidance. We recommend that you contact CILEx before relying on any information on this page as it is possible that changes may be made without our notification.

Description Fees
New student registration This one-time fee is payable by all new students enrolling on a CILEx course for the first time £40
Student Member This membership fee is payable annually until you pass your first CILEx exam £100
Affiliate Member This membership fee is payable annually once you pass your first CILEx exam and until you reach the next membership level £130
Associate Member This membership fee is payable annually upon completion of your CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice or if you are a law graduate £197
Lapsed membership re-enrolment fee This one-time fee is payable if you have previously been a CILEx member but you membership has lapsed £40

Key information on dates is provided below, and is given for guidance. We recommend that you contact CILEx before relying on any information on this page as it is possible that changes may be made by CILEx without our notification.

Exams are held in January and June every year. When you enrol with us on a course we do not specify which exam session you should register for, as our courses are designed to offer maximum flexibility. You may have a lot of available time and wish to enter the first available exam, or you may need to use the full period of your course if you are fitting your studies around many other commitments. If you would like advice on which exam session to aim for, and how to use the exam sessions to spread your academic workload across the year, please contact us on 01234 844300.

January 2019 Exams June 2019 Exams
Examination Entry Form Available Noon (UK time) 3 August 18 Noon (UK time) 18 January 19
Deadline for new membership registration forms to
be received by CILEx
8 October 18 19 March 19
Deadline for exemption applications to be received
by CILEx
8 October 18 19 March 19
Online examination Entry Closing Date Noon (UK time) 19 October 18 Noon (UK time) 5 April 19
Late Examination Entry Closing Date Noon (UK time) 26 October 18 Noon (UK time) 12 April 19
Deadline for Reasonable Adjustment Applications in respect of pre-release case study material 26 October 18 12 April 19
Pre-release case studies available on the CILEx website 16 November 18 18 April 19
Deadline for Reasonable Adjustment Applications 3 December 18 10 May 19
Examination Candidate Admission Permits Available 17 December 18 13 may 19
Examination Week 14-18 January 19 10-14 June 19
Deadline for Special Consideration Requests 8 February 19 5 July 19
Deadline for Credit Requests 8 February 19 5 July 19
Examination Results Released Noon (UK time) 29 March 19 Noon (UK time) 23 August 19
Deadline for clerical check/re-mark/quality assurance review requests 19 April 19 13 September 19
Deadline for certificates to be dispatched to students 10 May 19 27 September 19

Each CILEx law and practice unit is examined by an unseen exam. The skills units, Client Care and Legal Research, are assessed by written assignment. An exam fee is payable for each exam you enter.

Key information on fees is provided below, and is given for guidance. We recommend that you contact CILEx before relying on any information on this page as it is possible that changes may be made without our notification.

CILEx reviews its fees annually. The fees set out below relate to the January and June 2019 examinations and assessments.

CILEx Level 3 exam fees
Exam registration fee/ professional skills assessment registration fee £50
External exam centre fee for law and practice units
Note: there is no external exam centre fee for the professional skills units

Payment options

We offer a number of payment options so you can select the one which works best for you.

Online. Enrol now by clicking on ‘Buy online’ at the top of this page and following the checkout process.

By post. Download and complete the application form at the top of this page and submit it by post. Payment can be made by card or cheque. An instalment option is available if paying by card. See the application form for details.

Payment by your employer or a third party. If your employer or a third party is paying your fees please send a letter (signed by a partner if a firm of solicitors) containing an undertaking by them to pay your fees within 28 days, along with your completed application form. The instalment option is not available.

Below are the current terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are required to be accepted by the student taking the course(s) prior to enrolment.

Access to the Student Area: No refund or compensation will be given for periods of non-availability of the Student Area or any of its features.

CILEx membership: CILEx requires that anyone who wishes to sit a CILEx Level 3 exam or assessment must be a student member, or other category of member as appropriate, of CILEx. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have met this condition.

Contract: The laws of England and Wales shall apply in all respects and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Contracting parties: This contract is between CILEx Law School and the student making the application.

Copyright: Copyright in all course materials remains that of CILEx Law School. Any unauthorised reproduction or transmission of any part of the course materials, whether electronically or otherwise, will constitute an infringement of copyright. No part of the materials may be lent, resold or hired out for any purpose without the prior written permission of CILEx Law School. We will withdraw the course without compensation from any student found or suspected of abusing our copyright and refer the matter to CILEx Regulation.

Course fees: Discounts on combinations of courses which attract a lower fee when purchased together can only be given when courses are purchased at the same time in the same transaction and cannot be given retrospectively.

Course elements not taken up: No partial refund or discount will be given for any course elements that are not taken up, such as the revision tuition.

Delivery of course materials: We aim to deliver your course materials within 14 days of receipt of your order, or 28 days if you live overseas, unless we contact you to advise of any delays. CILEx Law School will not accept liability for any claims for losses arising from delivery outside this period.

Duration of course: Course fees include tuition and access to the Student Area and other course resources for fifteen months from the date of enrolment. Study exercises and mock exams on law and practice courses, and assessed assignments on professional skills courses, must be submitted for marking at least four weeks before the expiration date.

English as a second language: If English is not your first language, we recommend that you do not enrol on a course at Level 3 unless you hold the Cambridge First/Advanced Certificate in English or NARIC approved equivalent qualification eg IELTS 7.0 or above.

Entrance requirements: There is no specific entrance requirement for CILEx courses. However, we recommend that you have at least GCSE English at grade C or above, or an equivalent qualification, to be able to achieve success in any CILEx Level 3 exam.

Email address: You are required to have an email address. Exam entry: You are responsible for applying to CILEx to enter your exam and for paying the exam entry fee. Enrolment with CILEx Law School on a course does not constitute exam entry. If you live overseas you need to be aware of CILEx’s specifications regarding exam centres. You are responsible for ensuring that you make arrangements with CILEx in good time.

Induction day: The induction day is included in the course fee at Level 3 if you are enrolling on Unit 1. CILEx Law School does not guarantee that there will be space available on your selected date and location and you are strongly advised to book as early as possible to secure your place. CILEx Law School reserves the right to charge/retain a non-attendance fee of £75 if you book a place on an induction day and do not attend, or do not cancel the booking by email or letter at least 10 days before the event.

Internet access: It is a condition of your application that you have access to the internet so that you can access the essential course resources on the CILEx Law School Student Area. You also need to satisfy yourself about your ability to use the web-based course resources by reference to the specification provided on our website. You will not be able to complete the course without access to the web-based resources.

Marking of professional skills assignments: We set CILEx Law School deadlines for submission of assessed assignments for marking to ensure that these are marked and the result advised to you before the CILEx exam entry deadline. We will use our best endeavours to ensure that any assignment submitted for marking before the CILEx Law School deadline will be marked once before the CILEx exam entry deadline, and we will endeavour to mark any assignment within a period of four weeks.

Non-transferability of course: The course is not transferable to any other party.

Overseas students: If you live outside mainland Great Britain you must remit a further fee of £30 for up to five Level 3 courses purchased in a single transaction.

Plagiarism: We reserve the right to withdraw our services from any student suspected of copying another student’s work for the assessed assignment on any professional skills course, and to refer the matter to CILEx.

Refund/Change of course: A full refund of the course fee will be given if the course materials are returned to CILEx Law School, in good condition and with postage having been pre-paid in full by you, within fourteen days following the date you receive them. Thereafter, provided all materials are returned to CILEx Law School, in good condition and with postage having been pre-paid in full by you, before the expiry of a period of four weeks from the date of your course enrolment with CILEx Law School, your course fees will be refunded less an administration charge of £30 including VAT per course, or per complete order returned. This also applies to students wishing to change course who, in addition, will be required to pay any difference between the cost of the two courses, and the overseas postage charge where applicable. Refunds will not be given if you have already attended an induction day, or submitted an exercise or assignment for marking, and in these circumstances your attendance at the induction day/submission of your work will be taken to be a waiver of your rights to cancel under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

Reinstatement: Reinstatement on your course at a reduced fee is available if your course has expired and if you wish to purchase the same course again (subject to this course still being available at that time). A reinstatement fee of 35% of the fee applicable at that time will be payable. Where the original course was purchased as part of a CILEx Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice or other discounted package, the reinstatement fee will be 35% of the full individual course fee applicable at the time of reinstatement. Reinstatement is not available on professional skills courses where marking has already taken place as specified: Level 3 Client Care Skills, Level 3 Legal Research Skills: three markings of the assessed assignment. Reinstatement is also not available on courses which have been terminated by CILEx Law School under the clause ‘Termination of Professional Skills courses’.

Revision tuition/professional skills workshops: The course fee includes attendance at one faceto-face revision event or webinar for a law or practice unit, or one face-to-face workshop or webinar for a professional skills unit, subject to payment of a £10 administration fee per event payable at the time of booking. The entitlement to attend relates only to revision events/workshops/webinars occurring during the period of validity of your course, and cannot be carried forward. CILEx Law School does not guarantee that there will be space available on your selected date and location and you are strongly advised to book as early as possible to secure your place. Your entitlement to a revision event or professional skills workshop will be forfeited if you make a booking and do not attend, or do not cancel the booking by email or letter at least 10 days before the event. CILEx Law School reserves the right to cancel specific dates if there is insufficient demand. In the event of a revision event/workshop/ webinar having to be cancelled due to the default of CILEx Law School’s suppliers, or events such as fire, flood, storm, transport failure, war or acts of terrorism, CILEx Law School will endeavour to offer to re-run the event/workshop/webinar on an alternative date.

Subject champion referral on Level 3 Client Care Skills and Level 3 Legal Research Skills courses: The fee includes the marking of the mock assignment and up to three markings of the assessed assignment of the Level 3 Client Care Skills and Legal Research Skills courses. If a pass has not been achieved at this point, it will be necessary to pay an additional fee of £30 for referral to a subject champion for a telephone consultation and one further marking of the assessed assignment, submission of which must take place within four weeks of the consultation. If a pass has still not been achieved, either because the assessed assignment was not submitted within four weeks, or the assessed assignment did not achieve a pass on marking, a further subject champion fee will be charged for a further consultation and marking, with a maximum of two subject champion referrals before a course is terminated. These courses can also be terminated under the clause ‘Termination of professional skills courses’.

Termination of Level 3 Client Care Skills and Level 3 Legal Research Skills courses: If CILEx Law School’s Academic Director, following a review by CILEx Law School’s Skills Panel, reasonably determines at any time during your enrolment on a professional skills course that your written English is not good enough to pass the relevant assessed assignment, we reserve the right to terminate your professional skills course. If you disagree with the decision of CILEx Law School’s Academic Director, you have the right to appeal to CILEx Law School’s Managing Director.

Unreasonable behaviour: We ask that you speak courteously to our staff and do not make excessive or unreasonable demands. If, after a warning, you continue to be discourteous towards CILEx Law School staff and/or make further unreasonable or excessive demands, we may at our discretion either suspend or withdraw your course without a refund. You will also abide by the CLS Student Code of Conduct.

Word processing: You will need to be able to use wordprocessing software (either Microsoft Word or Open Office) in order to complete the course. Please refer to the computer specification on our website for full software and hardware specifications.

CILEx Law School (CLS) is committed to respecting the personal data you supply to us. In order for CLS to deliver your course, we will need to use your data to:

  • Hold the information you have supplied on the joint management information system used by the CILEx Group (CILEx, CILEx Regulation, CILEx Group Services and CLS) to be used only for the purposes of processing your application and administering your course.
  • Provide your name, address and date of birth to the Learner Registration Service (LRS) for the purpose of issuing or verifying your Unique Learner Number. The LRS privacy notice is available for review on our website.

In addition, CLS works with a number of software and other suppliers in order to deliver our services to you. The organisations we share your data with may include, but may not be limited to:

  • our print contractorin order todispatch your course materials;
  • our virtual learning environment software, which we refer to as the Student Area (SA), so you can access and use its functionality. Your name may be displayed to other students enrolled on the same course and will be displayed to other students enrolled with CLS if you post on any of the online Forums. CLS staff will have access to data on your SA usage and activities;
  • our video conferencing software for the delivery of webinars;
  • our freelance tutors who mark your study exercises or assignments;
  • our freelance tutors who deliver your face-to-face sessions/webinars or provide additional study support. This will include your mobile phone number or email to keep you informed of any issues on the day;
  • the email and survey tool software we use to issue mass communications, including surveys.

Data protection legislation gives you a number of rights relating to the use of your data. Please refer to our Data Protection and Privacy policies, which can be found on our website, for further information and contact details should you have any questions or concerns.