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CILEx Law School Specialist Course in Disclosure

This course is designed for Disclosure and Investigation Officers. It is also highly relevant for Evidence Assessors and Decision Makers and staff in criminal justice units and prosecutorial agencies involved in considering material in criminal investigations.

The course covers the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act Code of Practice 2015. As well as the new CPIA Code of Practice, the update also takes account of the changes relating to initial details of the prosecution case (IDPC) brought about by the Transforming Summary Justice initiative. The National File Standard (NFS) issued in May 2015 is also covered in the update together with changes in the Criminal Procedure Rules.

The syllabus

The course focuses on the role of the Disclosure or Investigation Officer in order to ensure full compliance with disclosure requirements under CPIA legislation. The syllabus includes:

  • The law relating to disclosure and codes of practice
  • Disclosure by the prosecution
  • Disclosure by the defence
  • Duty of the Disclosure/ Investigation Officer
  • Disclosure Schedule (retaining and recording material)
  • Unused material
  • Sensitive and non-sensitive material (separate schedules)
  • Liaising with the prosecution and other investigation team members
  • Disclosure and review of unused material
  • Public Interest Immunity (PII)
  • Third party disclosure
  • Hearsay and bad character evidence
  • Case law and case studies

Please view the table of contents and sample pages.

Course structure

The course is delivered by distance learning. Students receive a course manual and three reading and study assignments. Each assignment is designed to help students not only to work through and understand the various chapters in the course manual, but also to relate their study to their working environment. One assignment takes the form of a multiple choice test, the other two are written assignments which students complete and send to their personal tutor for marking and feedback. Students can re-submit work once if they fail an assignment.

Course duration

We recommend a minimum of 60 hours of study. Students have one year within which to submit their assignments to their tutor for marking, but most students will find that they can complete the course within a six month period.

Course materials

Students receive an CILEx Law School course manual written specially for the Disclosure course, three reading and study assignments and student guide including administrative information.

Students are also given a password to the course-specific Student Area on the website, where they can pose academic queries to the on-line tutor, as well as gain access to the LexisNexis legal database. Telephone support is also available during office hours from CILEx Law School's academic team.

Course assessment

CILEx Law School awards a Certificate to students passing all three assignments within the one-year period.


Print off and complete the course enrolment form below, and submit by post or fax.  Enrolment applications can also be taken by telephone on 01234 844300.

Download application: CILEx Law School Specialist Course in Disclosure Application Form 2018

Course leaflet: CILEx Law School Specialist Course in Disclosure

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