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Introduction to Criminal Prosecution

This new course for Level A staff in the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has been especially developed in consultation with CPS Learning Partners. It is an introductory course set at a lower level than the well-established Certificate in Criminal Prosecution.

What will I learn?

The syllabus provides an introduction to the English Legal System and the principles of criminal law; CPS policies and procedures, the role and responsibilities of CPS Level A employees; effective communication and planning and prioritising your workload.

How difficult is the course?

The course is set at approximately GCSE level in standard, so it is an introductory-level course. There are three assignments to be completed. Two of these are on-line multiple choice tests and the third is a written assignment.

How is the course delivered?

There is a face-to-face induction day, where you will learn all about the course and given study skills which will prepare you for doing your assignments. The induction day also includes a session on communication skills. You then have six months to complete the three assignments, during which time you will have support from our academic staff and our on-line tutors, who will be available to answer any queries in relation to your studies. You will be allowed two hours per week study time during your working hours.

How is the course assessed?

Your on-line tests and your written assignment all count towards your final mark. You will complete your online tests at work under the supervision of your line manager. The written assignment is sent to an CILEx Law School tutor for marking, and you will receive feedback on this work. CILEx Law School will award a certificate of completion when you pass your three assignments.

What does the course lead to?

If you are successful you can progress to the Certificate in Criminal Prosecution which is a compulsory course for Level B caseworkers but which is also available as a development option for Level A caseworkers.


This course is open to employees of the Crown Prosecution Service in England and Wales only.  Please contact our Customer Service Team on 01234 844300 to enquire about the next student intake.