Apprentices can be current employees and/or new recruits. If you are recruiting new talent, it is important to ensure you reach a source of high quality candidates who meet the minimum requirements for the selected apprenticeship programme.

Recruitment steps

1. Prepare

  • Select your programme: review the available programmes and decide which one suits your business needs. We can help you select the most appropriate apprenticeship programme and give you advice on how a minimum of 20% off-the-job training time can be achieved
  • Create a job description: you will then develop a job description and ensure that the role meets the requirements specified for the chosen apprenticeship programme. We can also provide you with a standard application form
  • Complete the administration: we will work with you to ensure that all the administrative requirements relating to enrolling the apprentice, accessing the levy or the funding incentives (where applicable), are fulfilled

2. Promote

  • Advertise: we will post your vacancy on the National Apprenticeship Service website and on our own website. We have arrangements with NotGoingToUni and GetMyFirstJob for vacancies to be posted on their websites. We also issue newsletter updates to our own growing database of candidates. We promote vacancies on social media, and work with local and national partners, including sixth-form colleges and schools
  • Open day events: we can alert you to relevant recruitment fairs and exhibitions, which we often attend ourselves, and can assist you in setting up an open day

3. Select

  • Interviews and recruitment: we have advised clients and assisted in all stages of the recruitment process so we can to support you, as required
  • Initial screening: if we are handling the recruitment for you, we will usually do an initial screening of applicant to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements. We can, on request, also conduct an initial evaluation call based on programme requirements and your selection criteria and provide you with a shortlist of candidates who meet your entry requirements, and their CV
  • Open day: we can support you if you choose to hold an open day or assessment centre

4. Recruit

  • Health and safety assessment: before you send out offer letters, we will carry out a health and safety assessment
  • Draft contract: once you have confirmed the successful candidates we will send you the draft contract between you the employer and CLS
  • Before the apprenticeship starts: we will send you the draft commitment statement between you the employer, CLS and the apprentice, and the apprenticeship agreement between employer and apprentice.
  • Supervisor training: we deliver training via webinar for your apprentice(s) supervisor

Current employees

Training current employees is an excellent way of applying levy funds to your organisation’s advantage. Current employees can be enrolled on an apprenticeship programme according to their academic qualifications, current role and development potential.

Those who are already studying for CILEx exams can complete their CILEx training in the context of the Chartered Legal Executive Apprenticeship.

Please note that they will still need to meet certain entry requirements to be eligible.